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New Orleans had a jump-start on facing its destiny, hastened by failing infrastructure and a lack of political will. What has emerged is an engaged citizenry, determined to cultivate local solutions. We are learning every day what works, and what does not, in building the resilience of this city.

We, you, us: we are the ones we’ve been waiting for. Help us build the New Orleans Institute for Resilience and Innovation as a reliable and accurate resource for this city, and others, about what is really happening here.

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The Latest Reports

Neighborhood Mapping Project By Stephen Danley in collaboration with City Works

Resilience Reports

In 2006, City Works commissioned a census of neighborhood associations. At the time, the primary purpose was networking. With recovery…

Stay Local!

Resilience Reports

“We are cultivating conscious consumers,” says Dana Eness, executive director of Stay Local. That is only part of what the…

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Politically connected company would benefit from state Amendment 3

by Charles Maldonado  The Lens |  0 comments

After the Supreme Court in January struck down a New Orleans ordinance that allowed tax-collection contractors to charge a 10 percent fee on past-due bills, it called into question a similar statewide law — both written by collections contractor Archon Information Systems. The Louisiana Municipal Association is lobbying for the… (continued)

  • 10.31.2014
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Stifling science: State officials threaten medical conferees with hotel quarantine

by Lorelei Cropley  The Lens |  0 comments

Ignorance in Baton Rouge costs New Orleans medical conferees the insights of Ebola experts. (continued)

  • 10.31.2014
  • Tags:

Simple change could add $20 to traffic tickets in New Orleans, to benefit DA

by Thomas Thoren  The Lens |  0 comments

District Attorney says flick of the pen would help his office; Criminal Court projects deficit this year. (continued)

  • 10.29.2014
  • Tags: